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Our daughter, Olivia, has been receiving tuition with Annie for a couple of years now. The results have been fantastic! Olivia’s confidence in certain key stage areas has improved out of sight & she is progressing really well.  Annie makes the sessions fun & enjoyable.  Olivia looks forward to her time with Annie each week - and that speaks volumes.

Outdoors Tutoring

Can’t recommend Annie enough. She is patient and encouraging with her students and has helped grow my daughter's confidence in maths and English in the past year by providing new coping and learning strategies. 

Happy Hiking

We would like to thank you for all the work you do with T. You have helped her in so many ways, your initial work stabilising a deteriorating academic situation, building confidence and allowing T to start to achieve her potential. She is now performing so much better at school and is able to concentrate her work with you in areas that she still finds a struggle. However, it is the non-academic work that we as parents have really appreciated; you have really helped to build confidence, self-esteem and most importantly self-belief. T really enjoys working with you, and even though she works hard with you, she looks forward to seeing you. You have become an important person in her life, someone whom she respects and values, and we just want to say thank you! With very best wishes, J and R

“I approached Annie in December 18 as I was concerned that my son was struggling with his handwriting, and it was impacting his self-confidence. Whatever I tried to do at home, he wasn’t interested, and he had reached a block.  Annie has done wonders; she made handwriting fun, doing all sorts of activities to improve his control. He absolutely loves going to see Annie, and most important to us, his confidence has returned, and he is now drawing and writing with enthusiasm. Annie’s patient, caring and enthusiastic nature really helped turn this around. Thank you Annie!” 


As a parent who has a specific learning difficulty, you quickly recognise when your child is displaying the same struggles you experienced as a child! The same fights over homework, the same frustration as they can’t understand what they have read!


Despite fighting my child’s corner, I was ignored and made to feel that I was just a panicky mum! Fortunately for me and even more for my child, someone stopped and listened!! The sigh of relief when the diagnosis was made! My child telling me ‘Wow mum, I’m not stupid, I just find it hard,’ and for me ‘I’m not crazy!!!’


Once we really knew and understood what we were facing, we could really start to put in place what was needed to make life easier. Although this also meant hard work was still needed too. Annie has given my child the foundations, skills and building blocks to really start her ability to engage. We know this help will still be needed for a long time ahead, but she can see the positive difference it has made.


Additionally, Annie has also supported my child in the transition to secondary school. Listening to the day-to-day, the struggles, and the difficulties with so many changes. Helping her to identify ways to manage her difficulties in class, from handouts to seating plans.


But most importantly, Annie has given our child truly incredible gifts. These are confidence, pride and a whole new belief in herself. For example, Hearing a child who cried over homework complete it independently and then come home grinning with ‘a best score ever’, (even if not the best score in class), as she knew how to read a question, is incredible!


As both someone with a personal and, more recently, a professional understanding of what Annie offers. I can truly say that she gives so much more than just teaching, and for that, we cannot thank her enough! 

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